Peter’s journey of film began in 2013 on the West part of Texas as a Video Producer. Desiring for change, he moved to Austin, Tx in 2014. During this time Peter had the opportunity to connect with other creative filmmakers and gain experience in commercial, documentary, music videos and short film narratives.

As a Director and Cinematographer, Peter strives to develop and create memorable stories that evoke emotion with honesty, detailed excellence and dynamic innovation. Once his speculative advertisements in 2016 were turning heads, the following year lead to several Directing and Cinematography opportunities with Sony, Mercedes-Benz, T-Mobile, and Whole Foods Market.  

In 2017, Peter held the title as Director of Photography for “PARALLAX” a PDN Award-winning Sony short film featuring the capabilities of the Sony RX0 Directed by Philip Edsel. The crew partnered with “Jacob Jonas The Company” in Los Angeles and captured different perspectives only achieved with small-bodied cameras. The film also received recognition through Sony Alpha Universe, DP Review, Wonderful Machine, and Production Paradise.

Alongside his endeavors of creating specs and client work, another opportunity surfaced to showcase his ambitious executions, the Mercedez-Benz #WeWonder campaign (2018). Working with a close colleague, Director Jared Royal, developed a relationship with Karla Otto, a fashion/luxury agency to continue the campaign series. The #WeWonder campaign explored the future of technology and fashion through innovation with prominent icons such as Kevin Ma, Slick Woods, PAQ, Caroline Issa, Mama Cax, and Kimberly Drew.

Most recently, he joined the Magic Seed Productions crew for the summer tour T-Mobile: Adventures of Kesha & Macklemore as a Cinematographer. Capturing off-stage and live multi-cam performances in LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Austin. Leading to filming “Here Comes The Change” lyric video from the Motion Picture ‘On The Basis of Sex’.

Peter is presently living and based in Austin where he continues developing his craft as a Director, Cinematographer and Photographer. He is persistently developing new work to expand his creative mind and ready to produce with even more talent in Film and global agencies.