Break Fast For Breakfast

It's Saturday! Finally a day for me to rest from such a busy week of finishing a project before the deadline and conducting photo shoots early in the morning. As a morning bird, I woke up today at 1 p.m. not really a morning, right? But hey, I'll be making breakfast for one, so why not? After Thanksgiving break, most of my leisure time was spent on watching cooking videos on Youtube. Specifically of popular chefs like the intimidating head chef of his own kitchen, Gordon Ramsay and the once 'naked chef' Jaime Oliver. I love food, I love the way it tastes, I love the smell, I love the look, and I love the way it's made! Today, I made the perfect scrambled egg soaking into the the crispy air pockets of a toasted french bread, and a hefty strip of smoked salmon laying on top of this hearty breakfast meal. This is a simple and delicious dish from Chef Ramsay. Off to the side are roasted tomatoes with a sprinkle of parsley (I do recommend to use basil). Enjoy!

Break fast for breakfast! French bread, the perfect scramble eggs (chef Gordon Ramsay recipe), and hefty strips of smoked salmon, with roasted tomatoes on the side.

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